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      International Style Standard • Championship Certified

      International Style Latin • Championship Certified

      American Smooth • Championship Certified

      American Rhythm • Championship Certified

      Theatrical Style • Championship Certified



Mr. Kaluby started dancing at the age of seven in Cairo at the academy of art, classically trained by the Bolshoi and the Kirov theatre where he received his BA and MA in Choreography. He has directed as many as four clubs and three major championships. Mr. Kaluby received third place in world in the second world competition in Japan. He coaches and choreographs for some of the worlds leading couples, he is also a world renowned adjudicator and examiner. Mr Kaluby danced with many ballet and ballroom companies among some of which: The Paris Opera House, The Metropolitan Opera House and the American Ballroom Theater.


Sarwat Kaluby

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